Being the small studio that we are, the members of our team are generalists in trade. Jack of all, master of none, we’ll wear whatever hats are needed for production to get the job done. This can naturally cause some difficulty when we need to wear those hats that calls for intensive scripting and planning, in this case ‘rigging’. In the last post I made, I focused on the facial rigging. A talking head can only take us so far, we need to have that body move as well. In order to save time, and give us more controls over our models we use The Setup Machine 2.

Being able to take these rigs and apply them to multiple characters of different body types is extremely helpful and a huge time-saver. Of course TSM2 doesn’t replace a good TD who could give you a very custom-made rig with controls you wouldn’t have otherwise, but for a low budget production with a small team like ours TSM2 gives us what we need.

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