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Work from the award winning Morehead Planetarium and Science Center Production Department at UNC – Chapel Hill.

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What we’re working on at Morehead, the state of the fulldome community, and anything else that may pop in our heads.

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Basic Info on how to get started creating content for the dome from other experts in the field.

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Grossology and You

During the two years or so that When in Dome went dark we ended up producing our latest show, Grossology and You. We worked with Sylvia Branzei and Jack Keely, the author and illustrator of the Grossology book series, to create … Continued


Morehead at Fiske Fest

Just got back from the Fiske Fulldome Film Fest at CU Boulder last week where we screened Grossology and You and The Longest Night: A Winter’s Tale to a crew of fulldome professionals and general audiences. It seems the industry … Continued


We’re coming back…

When in Dome has pretty much been off the radar in the past two years. We’ve been in deep hibernation. But we’re hoping to change that in the coming months. We’ve got a lot to catch everyone up on and some interesting ideas … Continued


Analog to Digital Art for Fulldome

Working with the artists over at Paperhand Puppet Intervention to create The Longest Night was a real treat. Once we were able to explain the possibilities of using their artwork in a digital realm they started to think and adjust … Continued

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