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Work from the award winning Morehead Planetarium and Science Center Production Department at UNC – Chapel Hill.

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What we’re working on at Morehead, the state of the fulldome community, and anything else that may pop in our heads.

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 Fulldome Info

Basic Info on how to get started creating content for the dome from other experts in the field.

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Latest Blog Posts

Working Against Distraction

Often times when I’m working I’ll be listening to an album or podcast, sometimes having a documentary related to what our current project is playing in the background. However, every now and then I’ll throw my headphones on and hours … Continued

One Install to Rule Them All

Since joining the team here at Morehead, I have been blown away by the potential of “The Dome” as a medium for presenting content. With the rise in popularity of creating spherical content for VR and Immersive Video, I think there … Continued

UV Passes

Since Ben Fox has started working with us, I’ve learned a lot. One thing I learned is that I’ve been doing things the hard way (or at least terribly inefficiently). One of the tools he introduced me to is UV passes in … Continued

Welcoming Ben Fox

We’ve got a new digital artist here at Morehead and we’re pretty excited about him. His name is Ben Fox and he was doing VFX and animation up in New York at Framestore for about 10 years before recently moving … Continued

Our Studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A.