DF09_smFor a bunch of reasons, we weren’t able to make it to Domefest 2009 this year. Missing it, as you might guess, really sucked. After being so inspired by all the great content we saw in Chicago in 2008, we were really looking forward to the 2009 gathering. We saw all of the finalists on the Domefest vimeo channel, but it’s just not the same on a flat screen.

So instead, we’re bringing Domefest to us. Morehead is taking place in UNC’s CHAT Festival (CHAT is “Collaborations: Humanities, Arts & Technology”) this year. As part of that we’re going to be showing the Domefest 2009 winners on Morehead’s dome on Wednesday February 17 at 7:00. If you’re local and want to check it out, let us know.

2 Responses to “Best of Domefest 2009 at Morehead on Feb 17”

  1. david beining

    Hoot hoot! Break a leg with CHAT Festival and your screening of df09. We’re thrilled you’ve brought the festival reel to such an important time and place for computer graphics, education and the whole point-humanity.

    Have fun. Post pictures!

    david beining & the UNM ARTS Lab crew

  2. Jay Heinz

    Didn’t get any photos, but we had a great time. And so did everyone else, it seems. Lots of inspiring content. I’m going to make sure we make it out for this year’s Domefest even if we have to hide in someone’s luggage.


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