Solar System Odyssey Trailer!

October 12, 2011

We just released the trailer to our newest show – Solar System Odyssey. We’ll be showing the trailer at ASTC this weekend during SkySkan’s after hours presentation.

Our story takes place far in the future with an Earth on the verge of environmental collapse. Billionaire Warren Trout thinks he can make a fortune colonizing the rest of the solar system and sends space pilot Jack Larson to find out where. But there’s one thing he didn’t count on – Ashley, Trout’s daughter, has stowed away on board the ship and has her own ideas.

Our intention was to make sure the show was filled with science, but to also have an exciting, entertaining story as well. Let us know what you think.

Magic Tree House: Space Mission Trailer

August 6, 2010

Check out the new trailer for our newest fulldome show Magic Tree House®: Space Mission. We’ll be debuting it at the Imiloa Film Festival in Hawaii in October.

Since its debut, the beloved Magic Tree House® book series has been a perennial best-seller. Published in 32 countries and 28 languages, the series focusing on the exploits of the brother-sister team of Jack and Annie has sold more than 64 million books in North America alone.

Now, UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, in partnership with authors Will and Mary Pope Osborne, brings the blockbuster Magic Tree House® franchise to fulldome theaters for the first time ever.

In Magic Tree House® Space Mission, a mysterious “M” sends the intrepid Jack and Annie on a fun-filled journey to discover the secrets of the Sun, Moon, planets, space travel and more. Aligned with early elementary information skills learning objectives, this beautifully-produced show is a winner with Magic Tree House® fans of all ages and school audiences alike. Audiences age 5-10. Running Time: 30 minutes.

An original UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center production, written by Will Osborne, co-author of Space, the non-fiction companion and research guide to the Magic Tree House® book Midnight on the Moon.

Our First Digital Fulldome Show – Earth, Moon & Sun!

April 13, 2009
Check out the trailer from Morehead’s first digital fulldome planetarium show – Earth, Moon and Sun. It’s targeted at 3rd graders and tackles their misconceptions about those three solar bodies. We’re planning on distrubuting it in this Spring’s through SkySkan and also traveling it across the state of North Carolina and showing it in a 20ft portable dome.

Earth, Moon and Sun Planetarium Show Trailer from moreheadplanetarium on Vimeo.