For the past year, Morehead’s been working with an Artist in Residence, David Colagiovanni, who has been not only creating new content for the dome, but thinking more in-depth about how we use and interact in the dome environment. ┬áDavid’s a professor in the UNC-Chapel Hill Art Department and we’ve stolen him away to work on dome stuff in his free time.

Last month, he presented his work on the dome to a packed house and we’ve convinced him to stick around for another year and push some of his ideas even further. Meanwhile, we asked one of our multimedia students, Colby Ramsay, to put together a short documentary about David and his work on the dome. And for all you gear heads, yes, he’s using the RED Camera. Check it out:

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  1. Mario Di Maggio

    Wow, you guys are SO LUCKY to be enjoying the privilege of an artist in residence AND a full production team focussed on fulldome CREATIVITY! We envy you! We would LOVE to do the same (although artistically we have done some progressive dome work for the UK, it’s nothing like this). Well done, keep it up, and please let us know when you art content is up for sale, as we are very interested in showing it here.

  2. Jay Heinz

    Yeah, Mario, we are pretty lucky. I’ll pass along your message about selling the art content and your email to David. You mentioned that you guys have been doing some progressive dome work for the UK. What kind of stuff have you been working on?


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