We here at Morehead have been working with a local talented artist who’s been exploring the notion of projecting art onto surfaces. Where from my understanding his goal is to take two things that were incomplete on their own, and combine them. This process changes both pieces and creates something new. Now as a compositor who takes many things and figures out how to make them work together, its definitely something I can relate to.

Working with him and helping him figure out how images translate from flat to full dome has been a journey for us both. He’s been taking concepts that have become somewhat standard in our productions and wanted to create real footage equivalents. The images that have been generated are certainly abstract. The visual interests of taking seemingly simple concepts like capturing food coloring in water, have produced vivid images with very natural and somewhat unexpected movements.

E052_C002_0223QV_F copyA040_C001_0215SX_F copyE048_C001_0223QF_F2 copyE048_C004_0223GA_F3 copy

As he progressed in his visual experiments the compositions and staging became a bit more deliberate, but still contained the organic nature of the subject matter.

The final piece is scheduled to be shown April 17th as a repeating 10-15 minuteĀ  presentation for viewers to experience at their leisure.

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