We’re putting the finishing touches on converting our theater to a 4K digital fulldome system from SkySkan. As far as I know, we’re now the largest fulldome theater in the Southeast US. We’ve been waiting for this day since I started working here three years ago. And it’s been talked about for over 10 years! In fact, it’s been so long that the guy who started talking about 10 years ago, Holden Thorp, was then the director of the Planetarium. Now he’s the Chancelor of the entire school of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Our official reopening is going to be February 5th. On the docket is “Astronaut” from NSC and “Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown” from Museum Victoria. We’ll also be playing our own homegrown show, “Earth, Moon and Sun” and a live show called Carolina Skies. We’ve also got the Domefest 2009 shorts that we’re going to play during special occasions AND we’re weeks away from finishing our second show, “Magic Tree House: Space Mission” and a domefest short entitled “Jeepers Creepers.”  Yeah, it’s a bit busy, but we’re pretty psyched.

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  1. Mario Di Maggio

    What a breathtakingly awesome image! Congratulations. It just captures what fulldome is all about, doesn’t it? Is there a higher-res version I could please share with our Facebook fans? ( http://www.facebook.com/ThinktankPlanet )

    Thanks very much


  2. Jay Heinz

    Right on, Mario. Just checked out your page and it looks like you must have found the higher-res version since posting the message. BTW, love that Scale and the Universe video you have up on your site – nice idea.



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