The following is a wonderful source for after effects ideas, and production assets. If you’re making full dome content chances are you’re using Adobe after Effects because of its support for 4k compositing, and because its fairly easy to use. Andrew Kramer has a quirky sense of humor in all of his tutorials, but also does a great job explaining process, and some excellent design ideas and procedures. Anyone who’s asked me questions about understanding the program I usually point them to this link.

and for good measure,

The tutorials have been free, but some of his production bundles are worth taking a look at. For someone new to After Effects there are some great starter tutorials, and for some of us more advanced types he’s always coming out with some new and challenging material.

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  1. Zeeshaan Dinally

    I totally agree. I am relatively new to ae, and when training and learning and use Andrew Kramer’s tuts all the time. As I work in fulldome, some of his downloaded tuts are great, because you can work backwards and see how he creates them, like “fake 3d earths”!


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