We’re approaching a new show, with an even newer frame of mind. Currently our shows have had a bit of a mishmash style bordering cartoonish/realistic. The challenge being how does one do scientific content without reflecting some realism in the images that are created. Obviously, until live action video catches up to the dome, everything depicted will be a simulation, or digitally filtered into some variation of artistic interpretation. It would be nice to push a specific style forward, and try to really keep it consistent through the whole show. I’ve seen some other productions out there that use some stylization for portions of their show but end up falling back to the semi photo real content.

Domefest has always been a great place to check out some more experimental art direction, and visual concepts. I’d like to be able to do a collection of music videos themed for the dome and explore the potentials of certain styles on the dome.  Like the following examples.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – OthersideThe funniest home videos are here

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