Seeing as 3d software is designed classically for the flat screen, there has yet to be much adaptation to working with 3d in a Fisheye view. So to help us understand what we’re looking at we use a rig that points 5 cameras in different directions. Generally focusing on what happens in the front, left, right and Up cameras. We do think about what should be happening behind the viewer, but it should never be there for very long, as we can’t see through the backs of our heads.

3dMax Workspace


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  1. Tom Casey

    We added a sixth very wide angle camera to our rig… looking forward and aimed so the bottom is at the edge of the dome… gives you a somewhat panorama look at the front view. It would be great if any of the software applications could give you the fulldome view in the interface window, but we’ve been waiting for years for that feature.


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